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Quantum Robin

Erithacus Rubecula (video installation)

Robins (video installation)

Blue (video installation)

Entanglement (performance)


First shown in The Excellence of Failure exhibition at the Marlborough Arms, Brighton 24-05-16


(Movement, text, music, video)

If two particles are described by the same probability wave function, then they are entangled. Anything you do to one will instantly affect the other no matter how far apart they are.

Erithicus Rubecula

(Display box, video (2 minutes))

Following the path of our imagined Robin from Sweden, through France to Spain. We journey through stations and airports. The sound of the Robin reminds us that we are also animals and travel is for us still a matter of instinct.

The display box reflects the biometric barriers we must negotiate.


(Display box, video (2 minutes))

I have interviewed many artists who have migrated to the UK. Why did they leave their countries of birth, why did they come to the UK, what cultural

cross-pollination has happened with their work?

The display box forms a bird house for these Robins.


(Display box, video (2 minutes))

Europeans have a protein in their retina called cryptochrome that is responsive to blue light. It has been suggested that this protein is allows the birds to detect the earth's tiny magnetic flux through the quantum effect of entanglement.

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